Diva Challenge #84 (My First!) – Blind String

So I’ve been Dying to do one of those challenges for ages, but have dismissed my thoughts of doing so, for fear that I was nowhere near good enough.
Still I like a challenge and being totally addicted to this new form of art where mistakes are just another opportunity, I feel I need to take it a step further 🙂

Plus my fear of ‘not being good enough’ would seem to be completely unfounded as i have had many amazingly glowing comments on the work I have posted on Facebook so far…. *sheepish grin*

The brief for this week was ever so simple. Close your eyes, and draw a string. Hence “Blind String“. If you’re not sure what a string is, here is a basic definition: “At it’s most basic a string is generally a random line drawn in pencil which creates an area within which you draw your tangles”

Here is my Blind String.

And *FANFARE* *drumroll* this is what I did with it….

Waddya think….??!