Diva Challenge #91 – Beads of Courage

I was extremely inspired by Laura’s challenge this week, and liked the idea of celebrating milestones, achievements and events in children’s lives by stringing beautiful beads to one another 🙂 Click here to check out the work this amazing charity does among children with life-limiting and terminal conditions.

This appealed to me for many reasons –
• as a mum of children with Special Needs, I come into contact regularly with kids affected by heart wrenching conditions and illnesses…and love that I can draw alongside them and their parents, having a measure and a bit of a grasp on what it’s like to live with these conditions on a daily basis.
• I love, LOVE curvy, shiny, beautiful glass/ wooden/ clay beads!!
• …oh. And bling in general.
• I so enjoy drawing curvy shapes and trying to make them as shiny and beautiful as I can… simple pleasures…!

So for all it’s worth, here is my humble offering to add to the weekly slideshow (- I hope…)
*NB: I’m not sure how i feel about this one yet. And, oh how I wish I could get the hang of shading.*


Hope y’all like it…


11 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #91 – Beads of Courage

  1. If I like it? I love it! You did a beautiful job. I love the way you put your string of beads around the tangle holes in the paper. Great idea. And the little touch of colors in your string. The words you put allong them just great i love this one very much. I think it would be great to make a card out of this one tot send to someone. Great thoughts come out of your work.

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