Diva Challenge #93 – Bunzo!

Well, for better for worse, here’s my version of Bunzo, drawn for the Diva’s challenge this week. It’s the very first time I use it. EVER. But I’m quite pleased with the result and have found this pattern to be most forgiving. So will be using it again. And again. *cough* And again.
I have also used Helen’s “scrolled feather” here as I think it’s utterly GORGEOUS! At least her version is. Mine is…., well, MINE, I guess.

Oh – and here’s a little afterthought: the “negative” version of the drawing, which is also pretty cool 😉


Incidentally, I was listening to a stunning song called “My Soul Is Complete” as I was drawing – hence the little quote on the side; needless to say that as none of my work is planned…, it just kinda found itself there!! Just in case you can’t quite make it out, it reads “King of glory be lifted high… Fill my heart with a joy that’s only found in you…”.
It’s pretty much my heart’s cry, every single day.
Here – have a listen.
You’re welcome.


7 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #93 – Bunzo!

  1. Wow they are both beautiful. And what a different look it has in negative. I like how you combined the tangles. Your tile has a great balance between black and white, between heavy and light. Well done.

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