Diva Challenge #97 – String Free!

Bit late with my offering for the Diva’s Challenge this week, nearly didn’t bother but I’m finally done with this one!
Bit happier with my knytting this week, but still really struggling with two of my other favourite patterns: Mooka and Tripoli. Sneaky little buggers certainly have a mind of their own and seem determined to trip me up at every attempt. But they’ve got another thing coming cos I’m not one to give up easily; going to keep fighting back until I am the one in charge!
Not that I’m a control freak or anything.

Ha! Maybe that’s why I found it so *enjoyable* working without any kind of framework to help me find my way round the page.
Good challenge that…

Oh, and how about this: I think I might add one such stringless piece I “did earlier”…like before challenge #97 was actually launched into the blogosphere…!

Mooka is looking good in that one which makes me happy 🙂


Diva Challenge #96 – Zinger

Well – like many of us in the Zentangle world, I think I’ve been drawing Zinger for months without realising it! That’s how gorgeous it is – everyone sees it and wants to add it to their repertoire of favourite patterns. Now at last it’s official – and about time too!!
So thank you Laura for making it the focus of this week’s challenge, it really was oh so very enjoyable to indulge in a bit of Zinging.

Not so sure about my rather embarassing rendition of Knyt though…. still working on that one…! Still, I love where it tends to take me, so I kept at it and the finished thing almost redeems itself thanks to the “jewelling” that made its way to the bottom of the “tile”.

Oh and here are a few pebbles I drew on once I’d finished my Diva challenge…

Quite like the thought of maybe taking myself off to the beach sometime soon and doing some more “pebble-tangling” in situ!