Diva Challenge #96 – Zinger

Well – like many of us in the Zentangle world, I think I’ve been drawing Zinger for months without realising it! That’s how gorgeous it is – everyone sees it and wants to add it to their repertoire of favourite patterns. Now at last it’s official – and about time too!!
So thank you Laura for making it the focus of this week’s challenge, it really was oh so very enjoyable to indulge in a bit of Zinging.

Not so sure about my rather embarassing rendition of Knyt though…. still working on that one…! Still, I love where it tends to take me, so I kept at it and the finished thing almost redeems itself thanks to the “jewelling” that made its way to the bottom of the “tile”.

Oh and here are a few pebbles I drew on once I’d finished my Diva challenge…

Quite like the thought of maybe taking myself off to the beach sometime soon and doing some more “pebble-tangling” in situ!


10 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #96 – Zinger

  1. Beautiful! I think you did a great job with knyt, too – love the way they merge into the dangles 🙂

    BTW your link from the diva isn’t working – it seems to have an extra https in the address – I had to delete part of it in order to connect.

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