MO – My first pattern…..!!

I’ve come up with a new pattern!!!
Well at least I think it’s new.
And it’s my first 🙂

I think its name ought to be “Mo” – seeing as it was developed it towards the end of November, which these days is becoming otherwise known as “Movember”, at least in the UK. Many guys I know (except for my own!) take part in this noble fund raising event each year, and i figured this was a fitting way for me to join in this time round. Because, trust me on this, a lady is better off NOT growing her own ‘tash, even in the name of charity!!
Click here to find out more about Movember.

Anyway, about this pattern (did I mention it was MY FIRST).
Well – it kinda loosely reminded me of a ‘tash and came about after I noticed a pattern I quite liked on one of Mr Wibbs’s shirts. I tried to draw it and hey presto, “Mo” was born!

…hope you like it…



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