Diva Challenge #107 – Quandary

Ever since this new tangle came out, I’ve been working on it, desperate for poor, little creative, irregular, inconsistent right-brained old me to get every-single-sodding-grain-of-rice to look the same and form that pretty flower patter all over the page in spite of my deeper inner spontaneous leanings.
…guess I’m getting there…?
Thanks for that one Laura!

Psssssst… Update… Here’s another one I did, using Quandary as my string…
I only started vaguely liking it once I’d added all the curly-wurlies to the Mooka branches. And then shaded it to within an inch of its existence!
I don’t expect many of you will see it unless I add to the Linky machine on Laura’s blog.
If you do happen to stumble across it during your travels around the ZT blogosphere, do let me know what you think….?
You’re too kind, y’all 😉


10 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #107 – Quandary

  1. What a beautiful page, with so many flowers to look at. I love how you did combination with twirl, it is such a great tangle. Your qaundary is great too. So designed a great flower scene on this page.

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