Diva Challenge #111 – More-Mooka-Madness Monotangle-Mania

I. Adore. Mooka…
I pretty much stick it everywhere and anywhere.
I dunno, it just appeals to my inner random, curvy party animal…
It makes me feel free and sunny inside.
So this challenge – well, talk about a feast…

So I used my special black drawing pad and a silver gel pen. Cos y’know, this was a special occasion.



Diva Challenge #110 – NO BOX

I admit it.
I cheated.
I did these a little while back.

But hey: they still fit with the brief of this week’s challenge, which was about getting rid of the box.
And I can’t think of anything much less “in the box” than a set of pebbles fresh off the local beach…

Can you?!

So call me a pioneer or somethin’ 😉

Diva Challenge #109 – Zentangle Quest

Oh well…I suppose it’s a start…
I was so hopeful that I would get on with Challenge #109 like a house on fire.
However…I am not particularly enamoured with my first attempt at this exciting new technique… (Incidentally, for all it’s worth – I think “Bandangle” would be a perfect name for this, a technique of tangling within bands. Whaddya reckon…??)

Anyway I’m afraid my lack of drawing experience shows me up here.
But I’ll keep trying, cos baby I LOVE IT!!