Diva Challenge #109 – Zentangle Quest

Oh well…I suppose it’s a start…
I was so hopeful that I would get on with Challenge #109 like a house on fire.
However…I am not particularly enamoured with my first attempt at this exciting new technique… (Incidentally, for all it’s worth – I think “Bandangle” would be a perfect name for this, a technique of tangling within bands. Whaddya reckon…??)

Anyway I’m afraid my lack of drawing experience shows me up here.
But I’ll keep trying, cos baby I LOVE IT!!


12 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #109 – Zentangle Quest

  1. I love this piece! I especially like whimsical touches, such as the flowers growing out of the tops of the posts and peaking out from the ends of lines. Lovely, and very creative.

  2. You’re absolutely too modest, it looks wonderful!! As for me: you have my vote for “Bandangle”, band + ANGLE (a lot of those too!) and the echo of Zentangle, all together. But all the credit for Nancy, so “Nancy’s Bandangle”!!

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