Diva Challenge #120 – Bales, bales, BALES

Better late than never!
I love playing with bales, and I so so love monotangling!! This challenged me suitably, so I am grateful as always to the lovely Diva.

For this second one I used bales itself as the frame and string. I hesitated to post it though, as I’m not happy with the shading. Went too dark around the central ball, but I’m just learning how to use my grey Promarkers…so decided to put it up anyway….so I can look back on it in months to come and have concrete evidence of some progress. Can’t be a bad thing, that, can it?



Diva Challenge #116 – Blind String no.2

I’ve done one of these before.
And loved it.
So much that I was hoping another one would come along again soon….
Laura must’ve heard me 😉

Anyway – so here’s my blind string:

…and here’s what I did…

I’m afraid I’m not particularly enamoured with it – but I enjoyed the process, it brought deep satisfaction to my soul. Which I guess is at least as important as enjoyment of the finished product.

There’s another lesson learnt, right there. About living in the moment and being ok with where the journey takes you, wherever that might be.