Diva Challenge #116 – Blind String no.2

I’ve done one of these before.
And loved it.
So much that I was hoping another one would come along again soon….
Laura must’ve heard me 😉

Anyway – so here’s my blind string:

…and here’s what I did…

I’m afraid I’m not particularly enamoured with it – but I enjoyed the process, it brought deep satisfaction to my soul. Which I guess is at least as important as enjoyment of the finished product.

There’s another lesson learnt, right there. About living in the moment and being ok with where the journey takes you, wherever that might be.


8 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #116 – Blind String no.2

  1. That is quite an extensive string. I went for something a little simpler. Like the tangles you use to fill in all the different spaces. Like the lace weaving through out the piece.

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