Diva challenge #122 – Grid (Un) Locked

Grid seeds!!!
So much fun!
Such a fabulous idea!!
So many exclamation marks!!!

Seriously though.
The possibilities for growth are endless when you start with one seed.
One seed.
That’s all it takes.
From one seed, something stunning can grow and the beauty of it is that it allows growth to be either organic or totally controlled and regimented, depending on one’s individual style, preferences, and mood at the time.


I look forward to making up more seeds and playing with them. This has opened up the world of grids to me like never before and I love it!!



5 thoughts on “Diva challenge #122 – Grid (Un) Locked

  1. Very pretty and feminine! I love the “eggs” in the middle of the grids. Beautifully done! What do you use to get the grays? Is it some type of marker? It looks nice and crisp, and I’d like to try that instead of pencil sometimes.

    • Hi Laura!
      For the grey shading in my latest few drawings I have used letraset promarkers cool greys 2 & 3…. A lot neater/ cleaner than graphite or pencil but once it’s on the paper it’s there to stay! Still, am happy to be shading with markers these days, although may at some point go back to the more traditional, harder method. We’ll see. 🙂

      • Thank you for your reply! I think the grays would be great to have as a tool to use as a way to get that “crisp” look when wanted. I think the pencil shading is good for a classical look, or a more organic look. I do have a set of Faber Castell Pitt pen grays around here somewhere, but they have a brush tip.

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