Diva Challenge #124 – Calgary Floods

I didn’t know this as it hadn’t made the news in the UK – but apparently there have been some devastating floods in the Calgary region of Canada.
For Laura, the Diva, this is a part of the world which is close to her heart as it is where she spent the first years of her married life. Which prompted this week’s challenge.

The brief was to draw something, anything, that would reflect something, anything, of the difficulties and challenges people in disaster-struck areas might be going through. The struggles, the heartbreak, the loss, but also the increased sense of solidarity knitting communities together when such tragedies and events occur.

I can only imagine what it must be like to face something like the loss of one’s home, and worse, loved ones, when floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters hit. The thought of their plight makes my heart weep. This was what I wanted to reflect in my drawing, hence the teardrops.

However there is also a deep undercurrent of hope going on in the picture, reflected in the hearts and curly plants rising up from the floodwaters. This happened almost in spite of me – I guess my personal experience of knowing deep hope and joy even in the midst of incredible suffering and grief wanted to make its way out here! i have a real conviction that good can and DOES always end up coming out of difficult, tragic situations, and I wanted to express that – I hope it comes through.



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