Diva Challenge #128 – Two-Pencil String

It’s been a while since I’ve felt in the right frame of mind to do one of Laura’s challenges.
But this one appealed to me, I’ve never tried drawing a string with a “double pencil”! So that was fun.
I am forever practicing Tripoli and trying to get it right….
One day, one day.
Meanwhile, the narrow ribbon effect you get from drawing a double line would apparently lend itself nicely to border-type tangles. Except I defaulted to bubbles and stripes – cos I’m not in a very brave frame of mind – and right now, bubbles and stripes comfort me.
Don’t ask.
I then decided to add plenty of Opus plants, to make up for missing last week’s challenge which I nearly did, then just….didn’t.

Quite a satisfying result, if I say so myself – if a little heavy on the black.

What do you think…??