Tipple Love #2

This is another Tipple-filled ZIA I have only just completed. It wasn’t looking right until I added the shading to the bubbles, but now I love it!

Seriously good challenge , that 🙂



Diva Challenge #133 – Tipple Love

Oooooh I’ve so enjoyed this….!!

It’s not the first time I’ve confessed my love of bubbles on this blog.
Bubbles, marbles, balls, curves, orbs, call’em what you want to….. They delight me. But mostly bubbles, I have to say.
Not quite sure what the “thing” is in the top right hand corner of the drawing – I was really just experimenting with round shapes. A benevolent sun, maybe – or some kind of weird flower.

Don’t ask.


First Commission :)

A friend asked me to draw something for her friend’s wedding.
My only brief was A4, with colour and a verse.
It ended up being a brayded heart with a tree of life growing out from the middle.
I’m pleased to report that she loves it…
And that I love it too!


Diva Challenge #132 – Wonky, Lefty Bales

Oh dear.

Back from our summer travels for this year and this is what is thrown my way:

do a monotangle of Bales with your non-dominant hand. Remember the challenge is to practice using your left if you’re a righty, and your right if you’re a lefty, and the be gentle and self-accepting

I had to do this, I knew I had to – but I hated it and I hate the result; my left arm hurts like hell, and my brain feels like mush.

Still, I just couldn’t pass up the challenge and I’m a bit of a stickler for punishment…

And actually, I know it’s done me good.
Something inside me feels like my horizon has shifted a little, and my perspective on my own abilities has broadened. Not much, it’s very subtle; but yes, this challenge did exactly what it said on the tin: stretched me and gave my brain a workout.

So in a way, I feel good – now it’s finished.
I don’t like what I drew at all. Not one single bit.

But that wasn’t the point, really, was it……