Diva Challenge #132 – Wonky, Lefty Bales

Oh dear.

Back from our summer travels for this year and this is what is thrown my way:

do a monotangle of Bales with your non-dominant hand. Remember the challenge is to practice using your left if you’re a righty, and your right if you’re a lefty, and the be gentle and self-accepting

I had to do this, I knew I had to – but I hated it and I hate the result; my left arm hurts like hell, and my brain feels like mush.

Still, I just couldn’t pass up the challenge and I’m a bit of a stickler for punishment…

And actually, I know it’s done me good.
Something inside me feels like my horizon has shifted a little, and my perspective on my own abilities has broadened. Not much, it’s very subtle; but yes, this challenge did exactly what it said on the tin: stretched me and gave my brain a workout.

So in a way, I feel good – now it’s finished.
I don’t like what I drew at all. Not one single bit.

But that wasn’t the point, really, was it……



9 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #132 – Wonky, Lefty Bales

  1. I agree , it is a wow-drawing indeed. I like it very much, great composition and great presentation of the bales tangle. Looks like a knitted piece. Great.

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