Commission #2 – For Elaine.

So soon after the first one, another friend commissioned me to do a special piece for her sister’s birthday.

“She loves cats, feeds the birds in the garden a lot, loves flowers and going out for coffee; her name is Elaine and she loves jewel colours, particularly pinks, purples and blues. I don’t know whether you can build some of these in somehow.”

I spent so long thinking about this drawing, and for a good few days I wasn’t sure how it was all going to come together. Because I wanted to draw something really beautiful and incorporate a cat but really REALLY do not know how to draw them – and so (do NOT laugh) I had to google “draw simple cute cat”, sift the internet for hours and copy various cat drawings, before finally finding something simple that I could draw credibly and with integrity, and that fit my style.

This was my original idea:

…I was pretty sure I didn’t like it enough to do a bigger version as the finished thing. I was disappointed and lost my interest in the drawing.

Then a few nights ago I was listening to an amazing talk by Francis Chan and started doodling while I listened – I always do this, as it helps me concentrate.
This was what I drew that night.

And finally about three days ago, genius struck: maybe I could use those doodled flowers as the starting point for Elaine’s picture!? And so I drew a bird. And then another. Then some more flowers – and then I drew a freakin’ cat…..!

Anyway this is it. I have to say I am totally in love with it and totally want to keep it!!!

So now I hope Elaine gets as much pleasure looking at it as I had drawing it.