Valentangle – Diva Challenge #154

Love hearts……can’t resist’em! Can’t go wrong, so much you can do with’em, here are a couple of Valentangle examples 🙂



Tipple Love #2

This is another Tipple-filled ZIA I have only just completed. It wasn’t looking right until I added the shading to the bubbles, but now I love it!

Seriously good challenge , that 🙂


Diva Challenge #132 – Wonky, Lefty Bales

Oh dear.

Back from our summer travels for this year and this is what is thrown my way:

do a monotangle of Bales with your non-dominant hand. Remember the challenge is to practice using your left if you’re a righty, and your right if you’re a lefty, and the be gentle and self-accepting

I had to do this, I knew I had to – but I hated it and I hate the result; my left arm hurts like hell, and my brain feels like mush.

Still, I just couldn’t pass up the challenge and I’m a bit of a stickler for punishment…

And actually, I know it’s done me good.
Something inside me feels like my horizon has shifted a little, and my perspective on my own abilities has broadened. Not much, it’s very subtle; but yes, this challenge did exactly what it said on the tin: stretched me and gave my brain a workout.

So in a way, I feel good – now it’s finished.
I don’t like what I drew at all. Not one single bit.

But that wasn’t the point, really, was it……


Diva Challenge #128 – Two-Pencil String

It’s been a while since I’ve felt in the right frame of mind to do one of Laura’s challenges.
But this one appealed to me, I’ve never tried drawing a string with a “double pencil”! So that was fun.
I am forever practicing Tripoli and trying to get it right….
One day, one day.
Meanwhile, the narrow ribbon effect you get from drawing a double line would apparently lend itself nicely to border-type tangles. Except I defaulted to bubbles and stripes – cos I’m not in a very brave frame of mind – and right now, bubbles and stripes comfort me.
Don’t ask.
I then decided to add plenty of Opus plants, to make up for missing last week’s challenge which I nearly did, then just….didn’t.

Quite a satisfying result, if I say so myself – if a little heavy on the black.

What do you think…??


Diva Challenge #124 – Calgary Floods

I didn’t know this as it hadn’t made the news in the UK – but apparently there have been some devastating floods in the Calgary region of Canada.
For Laura, the Diva, this is a part of the world which is close to her heart as it is where she spent the first years of her married life. Which prompted this week’s challenge.

The brief was to draw something, anything, that would reflect something, anything, of the difficulties and challenges people in disaster-struck areas might be going through. The struggles, the heartbreak, the loss, but also the increased sense of solidarity knitting communities together when such tragedies and events occur.

I can only imagine what it must be like to face something like the loss of one’s home, and worse, loved ones, when floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters hit. The thought of their plight makes my heart weep. This was what I wanted to reflect in my drawing, hence the teardrops.

However there is also a deep undercurrent of hope going on in the picture, reflected in the hearts and curly plants rising up from the floodwaters. This happened almost in spite of me – I guess my personal experience of knowing deep hope and joy even in the midst of incredible suffering and grief wanted to make its way out here! i have a real conviction that good can and DOES always end up coming out of difficult, tragic situations, and I wanted to express that – I hope it comes through.


Diva Challenge #123 – Look – No Tangles!

At first I was totally daunted by this week’s challenge.

But then I thought about it a little.
Then thought a little more.
And started to feel excited.

Let me explain: the brief was to draw a tile without using any existing tangles or any variations of any known patterns (AKA tanglelations…if I got that right…??! I am still learning Zentangle jargon – bear with me).

Impossible!” was my initial reaction… “I can never do that, I’ve got no tangles of my own”…. *panic*

But after I had drawn my string, it gradually dawned on me that being ‘banned’ from using anything ‘known’ might actually open up a whole new realm of possibilities, but ones that could only be explored once the door to anything familiar was firmly closed.

There’s a quote that goes something like this:
“You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

I do believe leaving the shore did me good today.

The ocean looked scary at first – but once I was on it, it turned out to be a rather pleasant, fun day out!

At least a couple of new tangles were born in the process too. And my pesky little Dandy seeds are back. I’d call that a win-win situation, wouldn’t you?


Diva challenge #122 – Grid (Un) Locked

Grid seeds!!!
So much fun!
Such a fabulous idea!!
So many exclamation marks!!!

Seriously though.
The possibilities for growth are endless when you start with one seed.
One seed.
That’s all it takes.
From one seed, something stunning can grow and the beauty of it is that it allows growth to be either organic or totally controlled and regimented, depending on one’s individual style, preferences, and mood at the time.


I look forward to making up more seeds and playing with them. This has opened up the world of grids to me like never before and I love it!!


Diva challenge #121 – Birds on a Wire

I think I’m guilty of overworking my string!!
Still, here is my take on this new tangle which I LOVE!! I adore curls of any sort, so imagine my glee at the thought of being able to arrange a load of them prettily onto a border. Genius idea!
I added a little ‘crest’ on each ‘bird’ and swapped the dot for a triangle.
Cos, y’know, this is Zentangle 🙂

Oh and the dandelion seeds….??
Yeah, you better get used to them.


Diva Challenge #120 – Bales, bales, BALES

Better late than never!
I love playing with bales, and I so so love monotangling!! This challenged me suitably, so I am grateful as always to the lovely Diva.

For this second one I used bales itself as the frame and string. I hesitated to post it though, as I’m not happy with the shading. Went too dark around the central ball, but I’m just learning how to use my grey Promarkers…so decided to put it up anyway….so I can look back on it in months to come and have concrete evidence of some progress. Can’t be a bad thing, that, can it?


Diva Challenge #114 – An Army of Stars

Here is my offering for Laura’s starry challenge.
I am recovering from yet another episode in hospital due to ovarian cyst complications – so I had all day to work on this today with no distractions.

I worked slowly, methodically, and deliberately drawing each stroke, then the next, then the next.
It was delightful, deeply soothing and healing. And I feel more calm, peaceful, centred than I have done in weeks. I can’t really explain it but God meets with me when I’m drawing.

The colouring-in was a bit of an afterthought, and happened almost in spite of me. I used a moist fine brush to apply colour from the tip of my watercolour pencils onto the drawing. It is a superb technique for colouring-in detail and again, it can only be done when one has All The Time In The World

The Bible verse comes from a passage that describes how infinitely great my God is, and yet how intimately he loves and cares for those He has made. One of my favourites ~ Isaiah 40:26. Check it out.