Latest Experiments

I know: I’ve been MIA for a little while – I know.

Other stuff (good stuff) has taken over my life these past few weeks and, although I have still been drawing, it has been much more of a release valve for stress and surplus adrenaline than anything else… So I wouldn’t be all that keen to display what I’ve been doing over that time, as it’s not hugely exciting or inspiring – or beautiful for that matter.

I know the point of Zentangle is as much to be a vehicle for inner peace and well being, as it is to create beautiful art which will
inspire and touch others. Still – sometimes there is a need for an introvert to protect her private space….and for a while, it has been such a time as that.

However – more recently my creative juices have been flowing way more freely, inspired by two completely different muses – and I now really feel the need to show on here what I’ve been experimenting with.

First, a friend of mine encouraged me to buy a canvas and get painting.
Well – WOW….!!
I’d never really painted properly before – and so the thought of it both scared me and thrilled me beyond words.

Anyway, here it is, my first painted canvas:


I absolutely loved every second of working on this; needless to say I’ll be painting more!!

Experimenting with paint then led me to get more creative with my use of colour when I am drawing ZIA. Like painting a watercolour background on paper before then drawing onto that:


Finally, another source of inspiration has been Helen and her new stringy drawings…. Totally in love with this!!! It’s messy, random, and does me so much good…


Addicted, much.
If you want to instructions on how to get started with strings, Helen’s step-out is perfect.