A New Flow

The other day I drew a crown of loops as a string – my starting point for a new drawing. It was how I felt: kinda flowy, cosy, and whole.
This is the sort of thing I started off with:


I then filled in the loops with drop-like shapes of all sizes – and drew a grid in the middle bit:


When I finally finished tangling inside the drops – and shading the final thing, this was what I got:


Rather pleased with that…..!

Some other curvy drawings I’ve been working on:




Can you tell I’m obsessed with curves?!


Diva Challenge #133 – Tipple Love

Oooooh I’ve so enjoyed this….!!

It’s not the first time I’ve confessed my love of bubbles on this blog.
Bubbles, marbles, balls, curves, orbs, call’em what you want to….. They delight me. But mostly bubbles, I have to say.
Not quite sure what the “thing” is in the top right hand corner of the drawing – I was really just experimenting with round shapes. A benevolent sun, maybe – or some kind of weird flower.

Don’t ask.


Diva Challenge #116 – Blind String no.2

I’ve done one of these before.
And loved it.
So much that I was hoping another one would come along again soon….
Laura must’ve heard me 😉

Anyway – so here’s my blind string:

…and here’s what I did…

I’m afraid I’m not particularly enamoured with it – but I enjoyed the process, it brought deep satisfaction to my soul. Which I guess is at least as important as enjoyment of the finished product.

There’s another lesson learnt, right there. About living in the moment and being ok with where the journey takes you, wherever that might be.

Diva Challenge #109 – Zentangle Quest

Oh well…I suppose it’s a start…
I was so hopeful that I would get on with Challenge #109 like a house on fire.
However…I am not particularly enamoured with my first attempt at this exciting new technique… (Incidentally, for all it’s worth – I think “Bandangle” would be a perfect name for this, a technique of tangling within bands. Whaddya reckon…??)

Anyway I’m afraid my lack of drawing experience shows me up here.
But I’ll keep trying, cos baby I LOVE IT!!


Diva Challenge #96 – Zinger

Well – like many of us in the Zentangle world, I think I’ve been drawing Zinger for months without realising it! That’s how gorgeous it is – everyone sees it and wants to add it to their repertoire of favourite patterns. Now at last it’s official – and about time too!!
So thank you Laura for making it the focus of this week’s challenge, it really was oh so very enjoyable to indulge in a bit of Zinging.

Not so sure about my rather embarassing rendition of Knyt though…. still working on that one…! Still, I love where it tends to take me, so I kept at it and the finished thing almost redeems itself thanks to the “jewelling” that made its way to the bottom of the “tile”.

Oh and here are a few pebbles I drew on once I’d finished my Diva challenge…

Quite like the thought of maybe taking myself off to the beach sometime soon and doing some more “pebble-tangling” in situ!