Diva challenge #122 – Grid (Un) Locked

Grid seeds!!!
So much fun!
Such a fabulous idea!!
So many exclamation marks!!!

Seriously though.
The possibilities for growth are endless when you start with one seed.
One seed.
That’s all it takes.
From one seed, something stunning can grow and the beauty of it is that it allows growth to be either organic or totally controlled and regimented, depending on one’s individual style, preferences, and mood at the time.


I look forward to making up more seeds and playing with them. This has opened up the world of grids to me like never before and I love it!!



Diva challenge #121 – Birds on a Wire

I think I’m guilty of overworking my string!!
Still, here is my take on this new tangle which I LOVE!! I adore curls of any sort, so imagine my glee at the thought of being able to arrange a load of them prettily onto a border. Genius idea!
I added a little ‘crest’ on each ‘bird’ and swapped the dot for a triangle.
Cos, y’know, this is Zentangle 🙂

Oh and the dandelion seeds….??
Yeah, you better get used to them.


Diva Challenge #120 – Bales, bales, BALES

Better late than never!
I love playing with bales, and I so so love monotangling!! This challenged me suitably, so I am grateful as always to the lovely Diva.

For this second one I used bales itself as the frame and string. I hesitated to post it though, as I’m not happy with the shading. Went too dark around the central ball, but I’m just learning how to use my grey Promarkers…so decided to put it up anyway….so I can look back on it in months to come and have concrete evidence of some progress. Can’t be a bad thing, that, can it?


Diva Challenge #116 – Blind String no.2

I’ve done one of these before.
And loved it.
So much that I was hoping another one would come along again soon….
Laura must’ve heard me 😉

Anyway – so here’s my blind string:

…and here’s what I did…

I’m afraid I’m not particularly enamoured with it – but I enjoyed the process, it brought deep satisfaction to my soul. Which I guess is at least as important as enjoyment of the finished product.

There’s another lesson learnt, right there. About living in the moment and being ok with where the journey takes you, wherever that might be.

Diva Challenge #114 – An Army of Stars

Here is my offering for Laura’s starry challenge.
I am recovering from yet another episode in hospital due to ovarian cyst complications – so I had all day to work on this today with no distractions.

I worked slowly, methodically, and deliberately drawing each stroke, then the next, then the next.
It was delightful, deeply soothing and healing. And I feel more calm, peaceful, centred than I have done in weeks. I can’t really explain it but God meets with me when I’m drawing.

The colouring-in was a bit of an afterthought, and happened almost in spite of me. I used a moist fine brush to apply colour from the tip of my watercolour pencils onto the drawing. It is a superb technique for colouring-in detail and again, it can only be done when one has All The Time In The World

The Bible verse comes from a passage that describes how infinitely great my God is, and yet how intimately he loves and cares for those He has made. One of my favourites ~ Isaiah 40:26. Check it out.


Diva Challenge #109 – Zentangle Quest

Oh well…I suppose it’s a start…
I was so hopeful that I would get on with Challenge #109 like a house on fire.
However…I am not particularly enamoured with my first attempt at this exciting new technique… (Incidentally, for all it’s worth – I think “Bandangle” would be a perfect name for this, a technique of tangling within bands. Whaddya reckon…??)

Anyway I’m afraid my lack of drawing experience shows me up here.
But I’ll keep trying, cos baby I LOVE IT!!

Diva Challenge #107 – Quandary

Ever since this new tangle came out, I’ve been working on it, desperate for poor, little creative, irregular, inconsistent right-brained old me to get every-single-sodding-grain-of-rice to look the same and form that pretty flower patter all over the page in spite of my deeper inner spontaneous leanings.
…guess I’m getting there…?
Thanks for that one Laura!

Psssssst… Update… Here’s another one I did, using Quandary as my string…
I only started vaguely liking it once I’d added all the curly-wurlies to the Mooka branches. And then shaded it to within an inch of its existence!
I don’t expect many of you will see it unless I add to the Linky machine on Laura’s blog.
If you do happen to stumble across it during your travels around the ZT blogosphere, do let me know what you think….?
You’re too kind, y’all 😉

Diva Challenge #99 – Looped Border String

LOVE curls, loops, bubbles, beads and general roundness.
Goes without saying therefore that I also LOVED this new challenge (which comes courtesy of Margaret Bremner – check out her post on looped strings here)
I’m not so sure I love the end result quite so much.
This is what I started off with:

Nice, eh. (so yeah – might’ve “tweaked” it a little. Sorry)

And this is what kinda happened (I drew holding the pad portrait-wise, but the picture here is oriented landscape-wise. I think it makes more sense that way. But you tell me what you think)

And here’s the portrait-oriented version:

Oh and I’ve also got another string ready to tangle tomorrow – that’s how much I’ve fallen in love with looped strings.


Diva Challenge #98 – Keenees….

What with Christmas fast approaching (too fast for my liking) I felt like drawing a series of interlinking baubles as my string today; I thought I would end up using Keenees as the string itself but it deserves better than that!
As ever I am utterly disappointed with my shading. I am, and always have been, completely devoid of logic and common sense – this is my excuse for my non-sensical, rather shoddy approach to shading…
Oh well.
Maybe I’ll learn one day.


MO in Action

As you can see, MO works really well as an alternative for a string. You can draw the pattern once, or several times side by side – then you can go to town with embellishments and variations, adding tangles and dangles around it.
I feel it is a pretty versatile pattern and has the potential to be played with ad infinitum.

All in all, I’m quite pleased with myself, really.